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Dear Veteran TUDM,

On behalf of Committee Members of Veteran TUDM, , I bid you a very warms welcome to the Veteran TUDM  Website. The main objective of this Home Page is to serve as a “meeting point” for all Veteran TUDM from near and far, regardless of age, rank, location and status.  This Home Page is also aimed at serving “The Veteran TUDM Community”, which comprises Members and Non Members of the Veteran TUDM members, family members of all Veteran TUDM and Royal Malaysian Air Force staff as well..

This Website allows VTUDM to obtain information about the Veteran TUDM activities and the Community, be updated on all activities of the Organisation, keep in touch with other VTUDM members thru' our community channel.

Those members has been registered as a members, Please!!  log in  before you can continue surfing the Webpages. Like all other similar facilities, this Home Page is only as good as the extent and manner in which it is used.  Ex-Air Force visiting this Website are encouraged to contribute by way of giving ideas and suggestions on how to improve our Organisation.  Therefore I urge all Veteran TUDM to  Register  as a Members, so that everybody can enjoy not only in the participation of Veteran TUDM activities, but also keeping good relationship among us.

The Veteran TUDM Secretariat is the workplace of the Host to this Website.  This is where all information and data about the Veteran TUDM Community is kept, sourced and disseminated from.  Please do keep in touch with our  Secretary or any of the Committee Members for any information you may need which you cannot find in the Web Pages, meanwhile the Secretariat  will do their best to keep the content of the Web Pages current. I hope you will find the contents of this Home Page interesting and enjoyable.

Thank you for visiting the Veteran TUDM website! We hope you enjoy browsing our website, and that you find a lot of useful information. We invite you to join our mission of promoting environmental protection and providing care for those in need. We look forward to sharing our knowledge and experience in order to increase your awareness of the issues surrounding poverty, hunger, and the environment and to help you get involved in charitable activities.

Warmest Regards,

Veteran TUDM Secretariat